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Enamel blame pleasure like a puppet

Enamel fetishism that enamel love is high

Looks, sounds, feels, etc.

Everything will make you go crazy

I covered enamel enameled enamel enamel long boots and enamel long gloves in enamel corset

You can feel the joy of being covered in my enamel because you are confined to the floor and can not move

I will make my enamel feel full

Your face and neck

Feeling to be wrapped in enamel long skirt

Facesitting on my ass wrapped in enamel

It is different from enamel catsuit

Because it is enamel long skirt

The world that you are looking for, the darkest

I will lead to the world where there is only enamel

Whole body sensitivity is increased

It reaches dry orgasm just by touching my enamel

I just stepped on the local area with enamel boots.


The head gets whiter as it goes

I do not need tools yet

It is more than enough if I have enamel that I wear


It becomes just an equik doll and my puppet

My breath gets rough and my breathing gets faster

It's almost time ...

Release your hands and feet from the floor and let them rest in bed

Of course it is a mammy style wrapped around with transparent stretch film

For a while ...

I will release from the enamel blame I give

I am more sensitive to the teat which became sensitive though

Please enjoy it with UFO of nipple attack tool

I feel any figure in dry orgasm

It's in your head

"What will happen to me ..."

It would be the result of being knocked into your head

This pleasure that can not be removed as you feel

It's no use anymore-it's funny

Because it is the beginning of the real fun


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