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Garbage person Personality denial

"Come here"

This is the last time I say to you gently

Wine just for me to enjoy

Simple personality denial forever and ...

Sit down quickly

Look at your dirty shit here

What happens if my eyes get rotten in that moment

I will clean your dirty body and mind, so I will clean you gently

Until you become bone

Because I will bully you

Cover the trash can and hide your face

Hands and feet in the trash

I made it your original form

Even though I restored it to your original form

Do you want to offend me with less joy?

Stand still

I'll beat the trash bin I got on your face

The recycle bin is part of your body

Willingly accept

You won't go ahead anymore

I will bully you until your bones


Your recycle bin is also trash

In a well-known place called a dumping place

You just go


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