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Small Penis WAX PLAY

More than my any strapon dildos

Your little penis

If it becomes useless

If I decorate your penis with a candle, it will be a little better

Colorful candles you brought

Such a small shade part

Your penis can not stand alone nor feel sorry

I will make a shaft in the hole of your urethra You will swell penis with the heat of a large amount of candle

Big urethra for small cocks

I'm glad it's a hole in your penis, at least a urine outlet

I can say that the urethra is more than a penis

It is not so

Hold the stainless steel bar firmly to the back

Don't run away from your little pussy

Red, green, white

It's easy for me to see what color candle is hot to see your reaction

The penis has a little more swelling

It's like another creature different from you

Small penis is easily covered with candles

The more you stack the candle on the candle

The size of your penis suits you well

The heat of the candles flowing down from the closed crotch

Your body that is bound and can not move

I want to bully more because I'm thinking

Short and small mini cock

The harvest of this candle fight is always smaller

The words that you want me to say

It's because I didn't do anything to say the best excitement material for you to say that transformation short small cock ...

Your own ruthless appearance

Look at "Perverted short small mini cock"


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