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Breath and cigarette smoke

You will be an unknown world Breath Control

I have been sitting on your face many times

It will be a different feeling from face-mounted or human chair

It may be painful

But I will decide whether it is bitter or not

There is no intention in you

You are my pleasure

While being puzzled by the first feeling

In front of me you are the same as a Paprof dog

I just feel my presence in front of my eyes

Switch on soon

Your face expands and shrinks with every breath

The rubber mask sticks to your face


Breathe in and out

If you look at such a figure

I want to be more mean

My feet on your knees

You should not be worried if the heel is stuck

Even if you were closed with a full rubber mask

You can feel me

I will give more pain to the rewards

I just listen to the sound of lighting up a cigarette

I understand

Cigarette blame

But this time I will only bully your face

I smoke cigarette smoke

I will spout a lot into the small open hole

What you breathe in your field of vision

Wrapped in my stuff

Even if you don't smoke, the first time you can taste a cigarette will be given to me.

You are until I finish smoking

I can not inhale normal air

There is more joy than suffering

What you inhale

I breathe out and smoke

What good things you can spit out

There is nothing


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