Confinement human Toilet Torture Mistress Saran and Mitsuka Kyoko too ...

The human toilet I trapped

Please appreciate the goldenness that women give in my order

In this time of captivity training ...

Satsuma Queen, Mitsuko Misuzu and Kyoko

A lot of golden and holy water

Besides filth and dirty underwear

Chew tightly using your tongue and teeth

If you taste it, you can taste it

Not the pain I gave

I feel thankful

You have grown into a urinal slave who is not ashamed of me ...

My timing and

Mistress Saran timing is right

While being hit by us at the same time

I was in the space of this large toilet

Become a human urinal face from the moment it appears

Mistress Saran than ordinary toilet bowl

I wonder if it could be used as a comfortable human toilet

To the rewards of the front and back mouths

I'll give you a penis band with plenty of golden fries

No matter what the reason for exclusive slaves

I can not go against me

No, there is no reason to go against it

No, I have no idea of going against it

By this captivity training

Cigarettes to liquor that should have been your favorite product that you can taste for the first time in a long time

Of course

I can not taste normally in front of me

Not from the mouth but from the hole in the butt

In any case there is nothing like gold or holy water

Because I was aware of myself

Give up

A reward given to you

Proof that you are my toilet wherever you are

Always think and spend

Always think and spend

We can meet with Mistress Saran after a long time

I'm glad to see your growth

I met it for the first time

With Mistress Mitsuka and Kyoko

You seem to have had a good time

More than anything

A closed toilet training room I made with you

The moment I built it was a long time, and you were nervous, but the loneliness increased with each passing time.

Create and organize things that are shaped

I can see it and the loneliness has grown

Even if you can not see your growth

I know best

As a human urinal from now on as ever

Because there is no choice but to evolve and grow

The pleasure of searching for and pursuing the future

Feel every day

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