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Sense of accomplishment that human toilet complete meal

Why did you wake up to Brown play ...

Each person's reason is different

In the case of you

Though I worry about your future destination from now on

It is understood as early as it is a sexual habit that seems to be a disease that can not be stopped and is also a luxury item

While there are many people who can not understand even their own things and struggle

Whatever can be clearly understood

I think it's a great thing

Especially when you are aware of yourself ...

I'm glad I've always been interested in my excrement and toilet training

When air different from when I was talking in counseling flowed, I was a little nervous

Never again ...

I was told that I had eaten the feminine feces completely

More than declared that I will eat my excrement

You're determined

To taste my large amount of excrement

From your physical examination ...

Step on, I'm sorry for the small hole

Twist an innocent nipple

As you become thirsty and hungry

Give a bribe

If you finish well enough

To the main dish of your training for you

Connect your hand to the toilet bowl

Fix the foot so that it can not move

What I need from now on

It will be my golden and holy water receiver

Your face and his mouth

First view from the bottom of the toilet bowl

You become an object as a toilet bowl

Toilet bowl human

I am satisfied with it

Give golden spirit to satisfied temper you

Your face will be desperate at a stretch

Eat it!

The words make you feel more of your desperate

Not only your mouth

... plenty of golden on cheek and under nose ...

Your face is just a plate

The smell and taste of my excrement

Remember in your brain firmly


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