• Mistress Kira

Foot fuck and fist fuck

The anal pump for self extension was broken

Sorry expression

The toy will be broken someday

It is good if your body is not broken

Without my permission

If you made your body selfish

The story is different ...

I was unable to expand before training

Though it seems to be a little heartwarming

I will extend and enjoy more than that

Greedy anal is more painful if it is bitter

Transformed in the brain into pleasure filled with mine

If a double fist is a long time ago

It was hard to come in unless it was an angle

Now at any angle

I'm happy to grow because I've shown enough expression of joy while suffering

Greedy with one hand and foot

I tried to make a foot fuck at the same fisting but it still needs expansion

Even if it's stirred with my two fists in anal

Because I could afford it

Expand the anal to make it softer and easier to spread

Not only the heart that wants a lot of mine

Let's give it to the body

I was not good at the deep fist

Like a lie

A little after my elbow ...

First greetings from Reiwa

As you said

To be able to receive the training of the queen also in the Heisei era and the Deiwa also the next era issue ...

Loosely pushing and pulling without breaking

Let's grow up

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