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Human chair for me to relax

Some sense of oppression, fear and pain for M

In order to lead to a sweet world

Some say it is essential

How will you change with what I give

That is also a fun thing


Time to watch drama

Time to watch a movie

I can feel more and more confident in you

If this condition is for hours

I was very surprised at the words and growth

Time to spend as my chair

Your face must be a comfortable chair

Even if it seems to be choking

Instead of giving me air to move and breathe you

I hope you look for it desperately

It's not enough just to breathe in the scent that's on my shorts

Instead of sucking in air

Inhale only my scent and suffocate

Several days for you ...

It's a shorts that contains my scent

As much as my scent and sweat stain

Fullback shorts

It will be a time of bliss as a chair

It is worthwhile to have been trained many times as a human chair

I do not have to hold my whole body Mummy

Patience also came

Your face is

I will never miss it because it is completely fixed with my feet, buttocks and cushions

Human chair with suffocating face sitting

The time you can endure without a break without giving you enough time to breathe so much

Really happy growth

Time to sit on your face and relax

Because you exceeded the limit ...

That good time

It has been easy to understand for me

Rest assured

Before you fall completely, I feel your first fear

To that side

I will use it as a chair to relax

#SmellFetish #BreathControl #Faceshitting

#Osaka #Dominatrix #JapaneseMistress #japan #DOMINA #Mistress #BDSM

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