• Mistress Kira

Rubber vacuum bed with rubber catsuit

This time···

Costumes for both me and you

It is you of rubber fetish

When thinking again, it was the first time to experience the rubber vacuum bed while wearing the rubber catsuit

Nude type clear rubber vacuum bets make rubber stand out

Rubber with vacuum bed rubber

My rubber and your rubber

Be lost and confined in a mysterious space

A very ideal space

The whole body is covered with rubber

Bound by rubber


Even where you can feel the outside air

I'll block it with my rubber stocking wrapped in legs and ass

All shut off

Wrap everything in a rubber

Even if you breathe deeply

The sweet smell unique to latex is drifting more

I can not escape

... I do not want to run away

I want to be wrapped in rubber all the time

I can not help but hope so

The last is two electric massage machines

Stimulus that can not but accept just because it can not move

More sensitively

Trapped in a rubber vacuum bed

Because any stimulus can only be felt

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