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Things that become an object

From various angles ...

Stepping, riding or standing on your body

Silence when being stepped

You become an object as an object

Though it should be a thing

Sound that leaks occasionally

Matt or carpet

Because there is also a sound when it slips

It is not strange if you think so

While wearing high heels on the thing you

I come and go

I do not know how many round trips

Things that are stepping on a lot

Become a Mistress thing

It exists just in front of me just to be trampled

I can not refuse even if I step anywhere

Time I walked on the thing you

I'm glad if you keep a trace of your body firmly

Collection of trampling videos

It increased again in this session

Screenshots of movie shooting

Thank you for sending a lot

Human Carpet in Louboutin Genuine Leather Pumps

It was good that one more dream of you came

The next time with genuine leather boots of Louboutin ...

I will tread a lot

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